Relationship Support

Relationship Support

At A Turning Point In Your Relationship?

It is amazing how few people actually choose to partner with someone just like themselves! As time goes on, some of the very things we admired about our partner can be a trigger or a point of contention.

As relationships evolve we can find seasons where we have deeply hurt each other, bruise the relationship and even forfeit our love. The pain can be deep, scaring and may even feel irreparable. Before you hurt each other further – why not reach out and bring in a new set of eyes to help navigate these waters? Perhaps doing the same thing and expecting a different result isn’t all that wise.

Many will seek relationship counselling to increase trust, reconnect, find deeper intimacy and communicate in new ways. Relationships require a high level of investment, which is different than simply being a participant. When we invest we are intentional and expect to see dividends from our investment. When we invest we engage.

If it is time to reclaim the joy in your relationship, be interested that this investment starts within you – not the other person. It begins with your change and from here we can spill back into the relationship.
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