Critical Incident Response

Critical Incident Response

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Defusing/Debriefing

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Statistics tell us that talking through traumatic and stressful events is one of the best ways to reduce the negative impact of these events. Simply put – things we don’t talk out we tend to act out – which is often detrimental.

A Defusing is requested quickly after an event has taken place to provide immediate support for those impacted by the critical incident. It is during this time a plan is set to establish tangible “next steps” in providing care.

A Debriefing usually happens days after the critical incident and is a group setting where the those involved discuss the event in detail. It is a focussed process that should be done with a trained professional leading for greatest effectiveness as one of the major components of a debrief is to respond and teach into the group needs.

The contract we offer for a CISM support is on an "as needed" basis at an hourly rate for each case. The hourly rate would be $200/hour with a 3 hour minimum. Each hour over the 3 hours would be billed at the hourly rate. This would include any activity related to the case (phone calls, preparatory meetings, travel, documents) and would be rounded to the nearest 15 min. This is for local calls (calls within an hour of St. Catharines). Once a call has been activated, the minimum would be applied for cancellation.

For calls outside of the region (which I am more than happy to do) we would negotiate an amount for travel above the base amount for the call.
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Peer Support Program

CISM Support was never intended to be performed as a single service, but part of an integrated support network. Peer Support is a significant facet of this network. There are many different models of Peer Support catering to the needs specific to each industry.

Having implemented and supported a peer support model in both an emergency services and a large manufacturing setting, we would assess and explore the best model to support your team We develop, implement and oversee this program with ongoing training and support.

Once implemented, this group can be the primary support for defusing and a major contributor to the debriefing process within the organization.

Teaching Modules

Our group would also be able to provide onsite teaching as well. This could include:

  • Mental health talks
  • Wellness
  • Life/Work Balance
  • Burnout
  • Self-care
  • Compliance training for sensitivity
  • Change Management