Customized EFAP services

Customized EFAP services

Customized Employee & Family Assistance Programs (EFAP)

The marketplace seems to be flooded with support models for employees. Through the pandemic, we are seeing a resurgence of video, telephonic, e-therapy and combinations of support models as in-person therapeutic services are restricted. I believe this will be one of the strengths that will come out of this season in that connecting with a therapist will no longer have geographical of physical barriers – being customized to the needs and preferences of the client.

This is especially true for short-term, solution (or some would say resolution) focussed therapy. These are often limited, short-term models that focus primarily on working through a current concern and resourcing the client if more support is needed. This model is usually 3-6 sessions and very effective in finding a “next step” in the therapeutic process.

Many employees find this limited model constraining. At times, there can be a gap between what an employer believes they are getting in an EFAP Program and the nature of the program. Long term support is not typically part of this model – but rather supporting and resourcing the client. This can cause some confusion and frustration for both the employee and employer. It is a difficult model to address and support some of the most common concerns, ongoing needs and core issues that a person seeking therapy is looking for.

Simply put – it can take quite a bit of courage to finally call out for help and by the time you have walked through the intake process and connected with a therapist you may only have a handful of sessions left that are covered in the program.

Another drawback is that some are exclusively pushing one format (as many larger EAP packages have moved towards). This naturally excludes those that wish to come to a clinical setting that is safe, private and not part of their “everyday”. Many find connecting in-person in a designated space is a major contributor to working through or perhaps “leaving” some of their concerns.

A further limiting factor is that some find it hard to connect with someone who doesn't understand your industry or located in another part of the country.  Although pain, struggle, disappointment, mental health concerns are not exclusive experiences – at times a significant factor in feeling connected to a therapist or building trust is having a knowledge of the nature of the industry or services the client works in, the region they live in and even local concerns that are impacting their community.

Our Team

Competent, seasoned therapists vetted through our referral system
Minimum of a Master Degree and adhering to a recognized governing body
Quick, unencumbered system that directly connects an employee in need with a vetted therapist
In offering our therapists a “fair” wage for their services, we attract some of the best in the region to join our team and provide services. Many are not available to other programs
In working together we customize the program to meet the real organizational needs
Accountability in reporting and providing services as requested

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What is a custom EFAP?

We aim to make your EFAP fit your organization rather than the other way around.  Because it is customized to the goals of the organization we can adjust to the needs and quickly pivot our priorities.  We do this by providing two different packages:

  • Inclusive
  • Fee for Service
This package includes therapeutic services, consultation, teaching modules and CISM Support. It is customized to the needs of the organization and adaptable to adjust to the changing landscape we are currently in. In this model we can adjust to “special needs and requests”, add therapists or services to meet the core needs within the organization and provide support as we come alongside your leadership and HR teams. We can add a Peer Support Program, provide specialized training, assist with return-to-work plans and provide individualized support for key leaders and people managers. This package is priced on a per employee basis and billed monthly. Quarterly reviews of the service is provided to your HR Team with our regular meetings.
Fee for Service

This package is designed to meet the need – when needed. In working closely with your Human Resource Specialists, we develop a program and parameters to successfully get your employees matched with competent, seasoned therapists in our region. Each service is chosen with a budget in mind, being value added as required and needed within the organization.

Many want to just have therapeutic services and may need (at times) CISM Support, Teaching Modules, People Leading Training/Coaching or want to extend specific services to a unique situation as support. Some may want to compliment their current structure with a Peer Support Program. In this model we can price out each request individually.

This service is often a good choice for those that are limited in the services they can provide and would like to offer maximum benefit in one or two major areas. It can even be a healthy supplement to an existing EFAP Program to provide extended support. It is a co-directed service with our team working closely with your team to meet the immediate needs within the organization. This package is priced as individual units and billed accordingly on a weekly basis.